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Program Title: Undergraduate Educational program ,,Medicine” (English program)

Awarded qualification: Medical Doctor (MD)

Duration and Volume of Program in Credits: Program duration is 6 academic years or 12 semesters and includes 360 ECTS credits;

Language of Education program: English

Head of the Program:

Dimitry Kordzaia – Professor, MD, PhD; Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Maia Bitskinashvili – MD,PhD, Associate Professor, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


The goal of educational program in Medicine is:

To create specialists with the knowledge, required by international and national standards of medical education, who will be competitive in both local and modern international labor markets.
To enable graduates to develop professional skills to perform clinical activities in an ever-changing unpredictable work environment successfully and adapt by applying new strategic approaches.
To develop a range of professional skills such as demonstrating self-sufficiency and a sense of responsibility while carrying out their professional duties, acting with consideration of ethical principles and realizing the necessity of lifelong learning, personal and professional development.
To enable the graduate to be involved in the patients’ and the whole community’s healthcare process, identify the needs and respond adequately, as well as participate in activities aimed at improving the quality, effectiveness, and accessibility of the health care system and medical service.
To develop the ability to analyze scientific papers critically and the skills of planning and implementation of scientific research and practical application of evidence-based principles as well as the ability of effective data management using information technologies.
To develop the skills of effective communication with patients, their relatives, colleagues, healthcare professionals as well as teamworking, managerial and leadership skills.



An individual with full general education or equivalent, who has a corresponding state-approved document (certificate) and has earned the right to study on the program based on the results of the Unified National Exams is enrolled at the one-step program “medicine”.


In order to be able to study at the educational program for Medical Doctors in English language, a person, who has not passed the Unified National Exams has to prove proficiency in English at least B2 level and undergo a general interview in accordance to the order N90/n of the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, dated by 2018.


After graduating all students will be able to:

Demonstrate the knowledge of biomedical, behavioral and social sciences, clinical disciplines as well as knowledge of the fundamental, ethical and legal principles of the field
Carry out consultations with patients
Assess a clinical case, schedule appropriate investigations, make a differential diagnosis, and develop a patient management plan
Provide emergency medical care to the patient
Appoint and prescribe medication
Perform first-aid practical medical procedures (diagnostic, curative) in certain area of medicine
Establish successful medical communication
Apply ethical and legal principles in medical practice
Assess the psychological and social aspects of the disease
Apply knowledge and skills of evidence-based principles
Apply data and information technologies effectively in medical practice
Apply scientific principles, methods, and knowledge of biomedicine in medical practice and research
Be engaged in health promotional activities; participate in public health issues and its effective work



A person with an academic degree of the Medical Doctor has the right to:

Continue medical practice as a junior doctor (junior doctor shall perform the duties of a doctor according to the instructions and under the responsibility of an independent medical practitioner)
Be engaged in pedagogical and scientific activities
Take a residency course and obtain the right of independent medical practice after passing the unified state certification exam
Take a doctoral program (holding an academic degree of a Medical Doctor, an equalized academic degree to the master’s degree entitles to take a doctoral program)

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

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