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-When you study computer science, you will learn about the fundamental principles of the science as well as advanced techniques that are used for practical systems development. You will learn how to think and solve problems in a logical way and how to express your solutions as computer programs. You will work on individual and team projects to develop new systems. Our program is one of practical hands-on experience, designed to engage your passion for technology, computers, and problem solving with grounded fundamentals and practical application.

Our strength lies in our ability to conduct innovative, collaborative research aimed at solving large and complex interdisciplinary problems. Our Research program marries great depth and breadth of expertise in core areas including theoretical computer science and computer systems.

The career opportunities for computer science graduates can be classified into a variety of categories such as programming and software development, information systems, networking, security, computer science research, web and Internet etc. Graduates can also continue their study with Doctorate Program in related fields to be a part of academic world.

International Black Sea University

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