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Ilia State University

The aim of the bachelor program is to prepare a highly qualified specialist in computer engineering, who will be equipped with extensive knowledge in the design, development, and operation of computer hardware, as well as the development of computer software. She/he will know the structure of computer hardware, technical characteristics, and ongoing physical processes in it, ways and methods for their improvement; also will have developed professional skills, which will give him/her the opportunity to get involved effectively in the production process of computer hardware.

Within the program, the focus is made on necessary theoretical and practice knowledge in the field of Computer Engineering, in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences and Architecture of Microcomputers and Microprocessors, also the development of practical skills in electrical engineering and programming, essential for project designing.

In addition, the program is oriented on the development of transferable skills such as effective oral and written communication in the English language, skills of quantitative discussion and critical thinking, effective teamwork, use of modern information technologies, and academic studies skills.

Academic Degree: The Degree of Bachelor of Computer Engineering

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