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Structure of the Programme: University employs European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): 1 ECTS = 25 hours that contain both contact hours and student’s
independent working hours.
The amount of credits covered by the program is 240 credits, including:
• Academic Writing – 5 credits
• Information Technology – 5 credits
• Foreign language – 15 credits
• Basic Courses of Business Administration – 75 credits
• Practice / Bachelor’s Thesis – 10 credits
• Management Compulsory courses – 42 credits
• Management Optional courses – 23 credits
• Minor Program and free credits – 65 credits
Programme Admission Precondition: According to the Georgian law, passing Unified National Exams is required to be admitted to the educational program. Student
of a bachelor program can become anyone with secondary education.
Admission to the educational program without passing Unified National exams may be allowed only in cases considered by the Georgian law.

The Purpose: The goal of the Bachelor program of Management is based on the student-centered teaching to prepare competitive specialists who will be able to to
perform modern business mananagement activities according to the national and international standards in different sectors, which provides a fine opportunity for
employment in Public, Private, and Non-governmental sectors. The program aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge of practical skills and general
competences of theoretical and practical aspects of business and management activities.

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