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Program Description
Nowadays communications in political, economic, scientific and cultural fields are held in English. Accordingly, knowing English has become one of the key factors in any country’s success at international, and even at national level. Thus, it is of vital importance to have highly qualified specialists of English who perform either as English language translators-interpreters, or are involved in teaching English efficiently. English Language Teaching program offered at master’s level by International Black Sea University aims at educating and training English language teachers whose qualification and expertise meet modern demands of the time.
The program is designed in a way that pays a great attention to general pedagogical, psychological and methods-of-teaching knowledge and skills. The language of instruction is English, so that students master not only practical English language, but also field specific terminology so that they become efficient users of English. During their studies students should do a lot of independent work (programmed exercises, individual or group projects, presentations and course projects) which forms their skills necessary for continuous education. The program requires deep analysis of theoretical knowledge so that it is realized in practice, independent work and working with scholarly literature. Thus, upon successful completion of the course, students will be efficient users of English language, skillful teachers, or they will have enough knowledge and expertise to pursue their doctoral studies in English language teaching.
The goals of the program involve providing students with contemporary knowledge and their training as proficient English language teachers. Our aim is to bring up highly qualified English Language teachers in correspondence with contemporary demands.
Program Advantages
The program is designed according to contemporary European standards in English Language Teaching and provides the students with flexible path to career development. The program is competitive due to the world-class resources, up-to-date curriculum, syllabi and teaching methods which are completely designed to sharpen 21st century skills. The highly qualified professors and the syllabus specifications in many courses will enable our students to gain thorough theoretical knowledge useful for DELTA preparation, Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Cambridge.  As educational process is delivered in English, all courses contribute to development of verbal (English) communication skills. The C1 (native-like) level in English to be achieved during this program supposes ability to freely communicate both in General and Professional English.
Student Exchange
According to Agreements with IBSU partner universities students have an opportunity to participate in various international exchange programs.
Career Opportunities
The program pays a great attention to general pedagogical, psychological and methods-of-teaching knowledge and skills necessary for continuous education, which provides students with the opportunity to work as English language teachers at school (at any level) or deliver practical English classes at university. They can also work as administrative personnel in the field of education and University invited teacher of practical courses in English.
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