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Direction: Social Sciences 07
Field/ Specialty: Economics 0701
Name of the Educational Program: Economics (ეკონომიკა)
Faculty: Social Sciences
Program Coordinator(s): Azer Dilanchiev – Associate Professor; Doctor in Economics
Contact Phone: +995 32 2595005 (205); Cell Phone: +995 599 975952; Email: adilanchiev@ibsu.edu.ge
Education Cycle: Bachelor’s First Cycle of Higher Education
Type of the Program: Academic, Major
Awarded Qualification: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics, სოციალური მეცნიერებების ბაკალავრი ეკონომიკაში
Code of Qualification: 0701
Language of Education: English
Credit Value of the Program: Total volume of the bachelor program-240 ECTS
Structure of the Program: Academic program consists of 240 credits, including the following:
• 120 ECTS – Major specialty Obligatory Courses (including Internship or Bachelor Thesis, 10 ECTS each);
• 20 ECTS – Elective Courses;
• 20 ECTS – Foreign Languages;
• 5 ECTS – Information Technology;
• 5 ECTS – Academic Writing;
• 10 ECTS – Free Credits;
• 60 ECTS – Minor Program (students are entitled to selecting Minor program according to their interest from any Bachelor’s program in the relevant language of instruction)/
Free Credits.
Students are able to replace Minor specialty with the component of Free credits, that enables them to choose and study the courses of their field of interest.
Program Admission Precondition: Applicant can be enrolled in the Bachelor’s program if s/he holds a state certificate of full general education or an equivalent degree, has passed the
Unified National Examinations and obtained the right of study in an HEI in accordance with Georgian law. Foreign citizens enroll in the program according to the Georgian legislation
without passing the Unified National Examinations. Apart from all the requirements envisaged by Law, in order to enroll in the first cycle of educational program, foreign citizens are
obliged to pass a placement test in English Language that proves their ability to study in English. Passing grade of the proficiency test is determined as B2 level.

Purpose of the Program: The BA program in Economics aims to introduce students to the economic aspects of modern society, to familiarize them with techniques for the analysis of
contemporary economic problems, and to develop in them an ability to exercise judgment in evaluating current economic trends. The program benefits from international experience and provides students with a solid foundation in contemporary economic theories, models and applications. In addition, the program design integrates theory with practice and aims to
increase competitiveness of our graduates in Georgia as well as abroad.
The program introduces students to macro- and microeconomic theory, monetary and fiscal policies, models of international economics, teaches them to think and write clearly about
economic problems and policy issues and apply the basic tools of economic analysis, such as statistics and econometrics. In addition, students will obtain a knowledge in evaluation of
world economy as well as become familiar with the key thinkers related to the field. Furthermore, the program also covers issues related to Georgian economy, its current trends and
challenges. Overall the main goal of the program is to deliver a high quality education that will enable the graduates to meet international standards and provide the labor market with
a highly qualified workforce equipped with modern theoretical and practical knowledge along with global human values and dedicated to lifelong learning.

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