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Bachelor’s Educational English Language Program “Design” is a four-year program. It comprises a
wide range of courses in the Humanities, Social and Technical Sciences; The program includes
mandatory and elective courses of Basic specialty and Free Components. The combination of Basic
specialty training courses emphasize the nature of design as a cultural, social, and technological
practice intimately tied to the increasingly urgent questions raised by the man-made and natural
The program consists of 240 ECTS credits that are arranged in a following manner: Major courses –
210 credits (elective courses – 71 credits, design practice – 5 credits, a Bachelor’s thesis – 10 credits)
and free components – 30 credits.
First semester consists of 33 credits; second semester consists of 33 credits.
Therefore, first year consists of 66 credits.
Third and fourth semesters consists of 30 -30credits Therefore second year consists of 60 credits.
Fifth and sixth semesters consists of 30 and 29 credits respectively. Therefore third year consists of 59
Seventh and eighth semesters consists of 25 and 30credits Therefore, fourth year consists of 55 credits.
One credit equals to 25 hours, comprised of in-class and independent work.
A year of the study program (2 semesters) 15 weeks of each semester is dedicated to the study
The student, who has received at least minimal positive assessment in the intermediate assessment
components and at the same time submitted the minimum amount of works in the form of
documentary material defined by the program, has the right to pass the final examination.
In case of failing (FX) of the final examination, the student will have a right of the one additional
examination, after the expiration of at least 5 days

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