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Faculty – International Design School

Master Program

The language of teaching

Description of the program
Master Educational English Language program “Design” is a two-year program. It comprises a range of courses in
the Humanities, Social and Technical Sciences. The program include learning courses and research
The program consists of 120 ECTS credits that are arranged in a following manner:
1. Learning courses -75 credits: mandatory -60 credits, elective courses – 15 credits);
2. Research component 45 credits :

The purpose of the program

This programme is intended to enhance the knowledge and skills of design professionals, and those of other
disciplines, to enter or continue within diverse careers in the design disciplines, and other allied professional
disciplines. The programme extends the students’ critical understanding of the historical and contemporary
social, cultural, economic and political contexts of design, while providing advanced, state-of-the-art specialized
training and experience — in design practice, processes and methods — necessary to undertake complex, multifaceted design projects, and produce professional design outcomes and results to an international standard.
Graduates of the programme will be imbued with the requisite knowledge and skills to continue their careers as
successful practicing designers who are able to make a positive contribution to the community of designers,
design stakeholders, and society at large. Graduates will also gain a rigorous scholarly grounding and experience
appropriate for life-long learning and further doctoral education.

Georgian Technical University

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