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Bachelor’s program in Business Administration

This program is primarily designed to offer a multifaceted knowledge in business management. Students will build professional competence, gain knowledge and practical skills in management, finance, accounting, marketing and business communications. Students can choose from a broad range of subjects, which give them an opportunity and flexibility to broaden their comprehension and accumulate minor qualifications in diverse fields. Throughout the program, students gain insight into current affairs of business developments and acquire skills to be innovative, confident and successful in the global world of business. Graduates of the program will possess competencies that are applicable for responsible managerial roles in a variety of organizational and entrepreneurial settings.

A rigorous foundation of core courses offers students with solid background in diverse areas of business/management, social science, and communication broadening their understanding of given areas and their sub-fields. The core courses are offered alongside the program and enable students to apply their knowledge and skills (theoretical and practical), to the prospective employment destinations either in large/small organizations or in entrepreneurial activities. The program enhances the development of both research and managerial/practical skills through employed teaching methodology which is based on mixture of interactive teaching (including class discussions) and promotion of independent personal and group learning through combination of theoretical components, problem-solving and practical experience, aiming at development of knowledge, skills and values needed for successful implementation and participation in managerial/entrepreneurial activities in line with the requirements of constantly changing complex business environment and labour market.

Program (Qualification):

Bachelor of Business Administration

ECTS / Duration:

4 years 240 credits

The Language of Instruction:


New Vision University


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