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English Master’s Program of Business Administration (MBA)

The aim of the program is to provide the latest knowledge in the field of modern business administration and to train highly qualified, competitive, professional specialists in the main areas of business – management, marketing, finance, accounting. Upon completion of the program, the student will develop basic entrepreneurial skills, gain the knowledge and experience needed for a middle and low-level manager in the local and international market. Graduates will have strategic alternatives for management, evaluation of strategic alternatives, development of competitive business strategies, taking into account the strategic, industrial, financial, administrative, global, social-psychological, cultural-ethical aspects. Knowledge of general methods of organizing management subsystems and optimizing business operations and identifying business environment factors in accordance with pre-defined guidelines, creating an effective organizational strategy based on marketing strategy and achieving its mission to achieve the mission of the organization; Skills to participate in the process. Graduates will be aware of their responsibility to the public and the state, which is reflected in their compliance with the law and business ethics, and their willingness to contribute to the development of the field.

The University of Georgia

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