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The program is drawn up with ECTS system, 1 credit is equal to 25 hours, which include the contact and independent
working hours. The distribution of credits is presented in the curriculum. The program duration is 4 years (8
semesters) and includes 240 credits (ECTS). Content, training methods and number of the credits of learning
courses of the program provides achievement of a goal and results.
To obtain the B.S. in Engineering, a student must obtain different course credits in: Mathematics, Basic Sciences,
Engineering Analysis, Engineering Design, Basic Engineering, Quality Control, Biomedical Engineering Core
and Elective Courses, Social Sciences and Humanities Courses.
The distribution of hours is presented in the educational plan. Educational program consists from required and
elective courses. Elective Courses consists from University Elective and Professional Elective Courses.
The annual learning process:
The annual learning process contains two semesters, with duration 21 weeks. Students assessment is made by
Current Activity, Mid-Term Exams And Final/Additional exams. Teaching and one intermediate estimations
are realized during 16 weeks (I-XVI weeks). Dates of Mid-Term Exams and Final Exams are regulated by decree
of Academic Council each year. The right to pass the final exam has a student that collected no less than 21
points in intermediate estimations. The minimum positive estimation of final/extra exam is 7.5 points. A
semester contains 30 credits and, accordingly, a year contains 60 credits.

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