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-The aim of the educational program is to prepare highly qualified personnel with basic theoretical knowledge and skills important to the profession of architect. The skills mentioned above imply the ability of graduates to analyze identifying characteristic of design area, make sketches and professional architectural project using existing building regulations.

The program aims to provide students not only with theoretical knowledge, but with practical experience as well by supporting them organize internships in different enterprises. Having a practical experience besides theoretical knowledge is critically important to meet contemporary requirements of today’s competitive market; Another aim of the program is to provide students with communication, intellectual and interpersonal relation development skills;

The Program of Architecture implies to ensure proper conditions for education that enables students to use all the opportunities offered by the program. All these above promote students’ professional development and growth.

The purpose of the Program is to prepare student to continue study in the next step – in Master level, be a demanding specialist and well-employed in the labor market.

The graduates of the Educational Program in Architecture have an opportunity to be employed in both private and governmental organizations in architectural sector (architectural design studios, construction companies, real property agencies, municipalities) as well as in various business cooperation, public institutions, etc. The fields of employment can be: architectural design, urban design, consulting, project management and other related fields.

International Black Sea University

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