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Type of University Entrance Examination: interview
Conferred Academic Degree: Master of Sciences in Applied Genetics (MSC)

Brief Description

Nowadays we face an increasing demand on qualified professionals in private and public sector in the field of Applied Genetics. ISU, which is one of the regional leaders in genetics studies including the studies which is based on direct DNA analysis, offers a Master’s degree program in life sciences with an academic degree Master of Sciences in Applied Genetics. It is noteworthy that the Molecular Genetics laboratory of the university, in which direct DNA analysis was implemented 8 years ago, serves the program. Within the program, lectures are delivered by leading Georgian, European and American scientists in population and evolutionary genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and other fields. We provide students with a broad spectrum of optional subjects including GIS modelling, wild nature conservation and many others. The program is led by ISU professor Cort Anderson, who has served at ISU since 2015. The students are enabled to participate in exchange programs (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus) between ISU and the universities of the EU member states. The program has functioned since 2011, and its popularity has substantially increased for the last two years.

The subjects taught within the program (intensive lecture course, which comprises lectures, workshops and laboratory courses) will help students gain necessary technical or academic knowledge and develop practical skills in the modern methods of applied genetics. All this is a must to produce new generations of scientists and highly qualified experts with skills and competencies to hold research on a global level, accumulate and transfer knowledge in academic, leading and industrial fields and societies.

Two-year interdisciplinary courses welcome bachelor’s or equivalent degree holders and professionals with expertise in the fields of management, social and life sciences. A number of courses are delivered by American and European scientists in the English language which is why the future students are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of English so that they can understand their English language lecturers delivering lectures and use English language materials to expand their knowledge.

Students will accrue 90 ECTS credit points within three academic semesters, whereas in the fourth semester they will write their master’s thesis comprising 30 ECTS credit points.

After entering the program, students will be enabled to get certificates proving their professional skills and competencies through completing the mandatory or optional courses.

Employment opportunities:

Master of Sciences in Applied Genetics can be employed in:

  • epidemiological, pharmaceutical, criminalistics, disease control or other laboratories in which genetic expertise is applied;
  • governmental, non-governmental and private institutions in which genetic expertise is applied in the field of agriculture, conservation biology and ecology;
  • research institutions, such as universities, research institutes, Museums of Natural Sciences either in Georgia or outside its borders.
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