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The program was developed according ECTS system, 1 credit is equal to 25 hours, which is meant as a
contact, as well as independent work hours. The distribution of credits is represented in the curriculum.
The duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters) and covers 120 credits (ECTS).
One semester includes 20 weeks, from which the training process takes place 15 weeks.
GTU Rector will be published before the semester and the academic calendar is published on the
Core courses – 75credits, which are scheduled as follows: mandatory courses in specialization 65 credits;
elective course 5 credit; Field practice-5 credits and research component – 45 credits. Practice will be
held in vineyard and nursery, based on the agreement signed between GTU and proper organization.
In the first semester of given year master learns 5 subjects with 5 credits and 1 subject 5 credits
(elective). In second semester master learns 5 subjects with 5 credits and Graduate Research
Project/prospectus, which estimated as 5 credits.
The second-year learning process (one semester 20 weeks) is scheduled as follows: one week, provided
midterm examinations i.e., duration of learning and midterm examinations is 16 weeks. During XVIIand XX week provided examinations (Main and supplementary examinations).
In the third semester Master learns 3 subjects with 5 creditsand Research/experimental component,
which estimated as 10 credits, 5 credits is foreseen for field practice.
In the fourth semester Master prepares and completes the master’s thesis according to established plan.
Master’s thesis completion and presentation include 30 credits.
Research Component
Student fulfills the research component according to the established plan. Research component is
carried out in GTU and/or in the proper organization (based on the signed agreement with GTU and
the organization)
Master Research Project – prospectus
Master Research Project – the prospectus is the outcome of review and analysis of research, master’s
thesis preliminary findings. The student shouldcomplete prospectus in the second semester
Theoretical / experimental research – Colloquium
Theoretical / experimental study’s main goal is to graduate students for independent work
skills, a clear picture of the main tasks of a professional, modern research methods training,
while working independently formulate and solve the issues.

Theoretical / experimental research – Colloquium
Theoretical / experimental study’s main goal is to develop student’s independent working skills, to create
a clear picture for solution of the fields main tasks,to teach the modern research methods. To give ability
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to formulate issues raised during working process and solve the problems

Qualification thesis and defense
Qualification thesisis part a major of research component. The completed qualification thesisis the result
of student’s independent research. Qualification thesis should content an obtained from theoretical/
experimental research.

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